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Discounted Green Fees Available when you book with us!

We have teamed up with Out To Play Golf to offer you the opportunity to play a selection of golf courses in Britain on a Discounted Green Fee basis.

You can enjoy Discounted Green Fees at participating Golf Courses with Out To Play Golf Discounted Green Fee Vouchers!  The vouchers entitle golfers to Green Fee savings ranging from 10% discount up to multi player offers of 2 Green Fees for the price of 1!

You will receive ‘Out To Play Golf Discounted Green Fee Vouchers’ when you book with us.

Ask us about Out To Play Golf Vouchers when making your enquiry.

Out To Play Golf Discounted Green Fee Vouchers are redeemable at all participating Golf Courses featured on

So booking with us can save you money off your Green Fees!

Out to Play Golf Blackpool

Disclaimer: Out To Play Golf and Participating service providers accept no responsibility for the effects  of any errors, changes, omissions, withdrawals or refusals.

Once you have received your vouchers:

  1. Select the Golf Course you wish to play from the Golf Course Guide on
  2. Telephone your chosen Golf Course
  3. Declare your wish to use Out To Play Golf Vouchers and book a tee time
  4. Check with the relevant Golf Club for Availability, Local Rules, Player Restrictions, Current Green Fees, Dress Code & Handicap Requirements
  5. Pay your Green Fees directly to the Club, your voucher must be redeemed at this time.